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John - New Zealand“We demanded better ergonomics”

Back in 2005 we have made the decision to invest in the improvement of our cabbage, lettuce, pumpkin and melon harvest. It needed to be quicker and more ergonomic. Since we can use the harvesting belt for all these products, we decided 

to buy one. Our search for a good, reliable harvesting arm led us to Beets Aluminium Products. At the time they already had more than 15 years of experience in this field. We were very happy and througout the following years we have bought five more of them. 


We mostly harvest cabbage and pumpkin, relatively heavy products. Our employees always used to experience the harvest as tough work that took its toll over the years. It encouraged us to search for a harvesting belt and trailer like they use in Holland. After one and a half

years of thinking and discussing we decided to order the harvesting system. Beets Aluminium Products has made the machine to our wishes with radio, wheels, automatic endstop, etcetera. Beets Aluminium Products has managed the process with success, we are very happy with the result. 

KEES - HOLLAND“We use this harvesting belt since 1992”

In 1992 we have bought this harvesting belt and we use it to harvest 40 hectares of culiflower. Each season we give it a full servicecheck by Beets Aluminium Products.

This ensures us that we can use the machine throughout the season without any troubles. 

Markos - Greece“It gave me 40% more efficiency”

I wanted to improve the professionality of my company and, back in 2016, a dutch colleague suggested me to buy a harvesting belt and two harvesting trailers. After doing research I decided to buy the machine that Beets Aluminium Products suggested me. 

I use the harvesting arm to harvest broccoli, melon, cabbage and cauliflower. Since we use the harvesting belt we have improved the harvest with 40%. It really helps my company growing and have therefore ordered a second harvesting belt in 2019.